Where to find us?

Ou nous trouver?

Waar zijn we?

“A legendary health food shop and cafe run by a hip crew, in an unforgettable decor and the food is all good …”

-Lonely Planet-

“Where to for a bite to eat? Go to Lombardia for a lunch with appetizing organic sandwiches and delicious ginger tea and smoothies.”

-Wall Street Journal-

“Since 1972 Lombardia has been the trendsetter in the field of vegetarian food – ideal for breakfast or lunch. Alain Indria is the creator of this kitschy, tropical oasis where a golden cow and pink piglet play first fiddle. Taste the popular Pulp Fiction, the Mexican Boy or the unsurpassed ginger tea.”

-VLM (Flemish Aviation Company) magazine-

“Go to Lombardia at Lombardenvest and you may feel you’ve seen the future of food”

-Norfolk line ferries-

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